florida intellectual property

Ideas are the universal currency of the world, and ideas are also the seeds that grow into intellectual property. In the Information Age, it is even likely that the intangible property owned by a business may be its most valuable asset.  This is why failure to properly identify, protect, and monetize intellectual property can have major consequences.  It is never too early to put the appropriate legal agreements, protocols, and systems in place to protect your intangible property.  

TLA LAW assists clients to identify and understand the extent of their intellectual property, and to implement strategic intellectual property plans.

The firm focuses on intellectual property matter involving

  • Copyright
  • Trademark
  • Trade Secrets
  • Licensing
  • Franchising 
  • Know-How
  • Confidentiality Agreements and Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs) 
  • Non-Circumvention Agreements

TLA LAW proactively assists clients in establishing, protecting and maximizing their intellectual property.  

To learn more about TLA LAW's intellectual property services and whether the firm can assist in your IP strategy Schedule a Consultation.

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