South Florida, particularly Miami, is a rapidly growing innovation hub.  South Florida is also the ultimate business gateway, serving as gateway between Latin America, the Caribbean, and and the United States.  TLA LAW understands the business climate of South Florida and its global connections. 

TLA LAW assists clients with all aspects of small business financing, startup financing, and venture financing.   Depending on which stage your business is in and what your specific goals are, TLA LAW can assist with: 

  • Early stage investments from friends, family, or angel investors in seed rounds
  • Initial Series A preferred stock financing rounds
  • Later financing rounds, including Series B, C, and D preferred stock rounds, or
  • Later stage bridge financings

TLA LAW provides extensive legal support to entrepreneurs and businesses obtaining capital from outside investors.  The legal services needed will vary from deal to deal, however, common legal services may include transaction-specific analysis of federal and state securities laws to ensure compliance, preparation of private placement memorandums (PPMs), negotiating and preparing term sheets, letters of intent (LOIs), and memorandums of understanding (MOUs), providing due diliegence services, and preparing necessary financing documents, financing agreements, and investors' rights agreements. 

To learn more about TLA LAW's Corporate and Securities services and whether the firm can support your financing deal Schedule a Consultation.

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