Tori Anderson,ESQ.  
P: (786) 505-2447

Practice Areas
Contracts & Business Transactions
Intellectual Property
Regulatory Compliance
Business Planning Legal Support

Bar Admissions
Florida Bar, 2011
District of Columbia Bar, 2015

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,B.A., with honors, in Political Science
University of Miami School of Law, J.D.

Florida Bar: Business Law Section; Corporate, Securities & Financial Services Committee

Tori L. Anderson
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I’m a big believer in the power of small businesses, family-owned businesses and minority-owned businesses. These businesses and the entrepreneurs that create them are at the center of everything, because they support families, communities and our economy. It gives me a sense of satisfaction to work with the creators and innovators that are at the center of our lives and the cornerstone of our families, communities and the economy.

What legal matters do I work on?

In working with entrepreneurs and small businesses I focus primarily on matters related to trademark law, copyright law, intellectual property strategy, business formation and negotiating and drafting business contracts. 

Why did I create TLA LAW?

The short answer is that I love the creative process. I started TLA LAW to support you and other entrepreneurs just like you to establish a solid foundation for your ideas and business ventures. As an attorney, I want to provide a blueprint to use business law, intellectual property and contract law to create, build, and protect your assets – your individual assets, business assets and family assets. It is also immensely rewarding working with entrepreneurs who not only support themselves but support so many others.

What motivates me every day in my work with clients?

This goes all the way back to my childhood and my time working for my grandparents (who were both entrepreneurs). At a very early age, working in their family-owned business showed me a blueprint for entrepreneurship as a cornerstone of family and community well-being.

My very first job was helping out at my grandmother’s store during the summers. Her store was an original business concept that she created from scratch – The Brookhaven Shop-n-Wash.  The Shop-n-Wash was the first store of its kind in our hometown.  It was a “combo store” consisting of a mini-mart, gas station, and a laundromat all in one (pretty innovative in its day!).  It was a family business, and my aunts and my brother worked in the store too.  My granddad and my uncles even monitored the nightly close-out process (something equivalent to BRINKS private security and protection).  

In the beginning I started out by “volunteering” and shadowing my grandmother, and as I got older I started taking on greater responsibilities.  Through all of this I witnessed the importance of family unity to support its entrepreneurs and invest time to make family ventures successful.  But perhaps most importantly, I realized the power of business creation as an extremely powerful mechanism to create financial freedom, family assets, and family resources. The Shop-n-Wash days showed me a blueprint for entrepreneurship as a cornerstone to strengthening and leveling up individually and as a family.  I saw the power that an entrepreneur has to not only enhance their own life, but to also enhance and enrich the lives of their family and their community. See, entrepreneurs really are at the center of everything - and I want to be there to provide security and legal support for you while you you support your family, community, and our economy.

Picture of my family (including me on the left in blue) at my grandmother’s store. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, these early days and experiences shaped my work ethic and my desire to do things the right way and to the best of my ability, or not at all. Anything less than my best effort (or if my snack breaks ran a little too long) I could expect to hear my grandmother semi-jokingly say “You’re going to get fired before you can even get hired.” She would also often say: “If a task has once begun, never leave it till it’s done. Be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all.” This has always stayed with me.

I’m committed to working with entrepreneurs and small businesses to develop their ideas into strong and thriving businesses and intellectual property assets. Although an idea may start out small, with time and commitment, it can grow into a secure and healthy business. What starts out as an idea can grow into a source of financial freedom for you and your family.

If you want to succeed in business, avoid simply doing ‘business as usual.’Always be fearless when it comes to executing your plans. This is my promise to my clients.
— Tori Anderson, Esq.

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